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29 Feb 2020: Happy Leap Year Day! Back and better than ever -- I am about to open registration for the 2020 Tour De Donut, and I am very excited about it! Like last year, Dan Frazier, is running his own version of our race, except that it will be in Michigan on May 31st. It'll be on DIRT/Gravel, and you can register along with me at: Dirty Donut Race. I'm simlifying the registration so that there is only one link this year for both distances. We've had some nice days to get out riding, even in the winter! I hope you are getting ready. You can follow me on Zwift at C.orpulent Donut! -- Christian

22 June 2019 -- 2019 Roger Kramer Memorial Scholarship Announcement

Ride On fellow Donut lovers! We have over 500 riders registered thus far for the 31st Tour de Donut and Tour De Donut Hole. Your participation and generosity helps to give back to the community in many ways. The Roger Kramer Memorial Scholarship is open once again! You can download a scholarship application here. We also have more information about the Scholarship Guidelines. While I never met Roger personally, we were definitely kindred spirits and he was passionate about writing and cycling. Anyone crazy enough to co-found the Tour De Donut and Tour de Stooges is cool in my book. He was an active member of Belleville Area Bicycling and Eating Society (BABES -- what a cool acronym). Here is Roger one year at our race!

02 Feb 2019: I am about to open registration for the 2019 Tour De Donut, and I am very excited about it! One of our podium finishers, Dan Frazier, is starting his own version of our race, except that it will be in Michigan on June 9th. It'll be on DIRT/Gravel, and you can register along with me at: Dirty Donut Race. I'm signed up for the 40 miler. I hope you have been keeping warm and finding ways to get your riding done! Me -- You can find me on Zwift at C. Tour De Donut! I am the one trying to draft off of you. -- Christian

14 Dec 2018: 2018 Scholarship Recipient Announcement: Congratulations to our 2018 Roger Kramer Memorial Scholarship recipients: Christopher Cody – Xavier University, Sophia Hasler – Southwestern Illinois College and Alan Uthoff – Maryville University. Each student received $500 toward the cost of their post-secondary education. Applicants are judged based on a combination of factors, including academic achievement, extracurricular and volunteer involvement, and an essay discussing the role of bicycling in the applicant’s life. They must also be either a registered rider or documented volunteer of the current year Tour de Donut bicycle ride.Again, congratulations to our 2018 recipients!

25 April 2018 -- 30 YEARS! It's hard for me to believe, but here we are. Celebrating with style, we are back and better than ever. We have 87 registered already. I expect this will be an epic year. I have a couple of surprises this year that I hope you will like. But one thing that is not surprising is our willingness to honor the past. Roger Kramer was a friend of and co-founder of the Tour de Donut. In his honor, we are pleased to offer the 2018 Roger Kramer Memorial Scholarship. You can download a scholarship application here. We also have more information about the Scholarship Guidelines. So keep training, and I can't wait to see you. Drop me a line on our I survived the Tour de Donut Facebook site or send me a note if you have any questions.

10 June 2017 -- Invitation to the pre-ride. If you are bored and would like to check out the course ahead of time, you can come ride with me on June 24, 2017 at 9:00am. Let me know who'd like to come so that I can buy enough maps and donuts! It's always a fun time, unless I drop you and you get lost. Then it's hilarious. Just kidding -- I can't drop anybody.

10 June 2017 -- 2017 Roger Kramer Memorial Scholarship Announcement

Keep on riding! Sorry for not posting more this year. It has been a busy one for my family. We have over 250 riders registered thus far for the 29th Tour de Donut and the 2nd ever Tour De Donut Hole. Your participation and generosity helps to give back to the community in many ways. The Roger Kramer Memorial Scholarship is open once again! You can download a scholarship application here. We also have more information about the Scholarship Guidelines.

30 April 2016 -- The official start of the 1st Annual Tour de Donut Hole! Mayor Fireball and I are excited to offer a short-course fun ride this year. It will be between 12 and 15 miles depending on the final route, with one donut stop. It will be a family friendly fun ride with T-shirts and donuts. You will still be eligble for the door prizes including 4 Trek bikes! There will be no timing and no prizes. Let me know what you think!

18 April 2016 -- 2016 Roger Kramer Memorial Scholarship Announcement

The weather has been awesome, which is great for riding. We have 82 riders registered thus far. I also have a few new things in store for you this year. In the midst of your donut eating and bike riding, I want to thank you for your support for the Tour De Donut. Your generosity helps to give back to the community in many ways. One of which is the Roger Kramer Memorial Scholarship. It is now open! You can download a scholarship application here. We also have more information about the Scholarship Guidelines.

2015 Scholarship Winners Announcement

Congratulations to our 2015 Roger Kramer Memorial Scholarship winners, Sarah Corbus and Jack Terschluse. They each received $500 to put toward the cost of their postsecondary education. Sarah is from Greenville, IL and is currently co-enrolled at Missouri Southern State and Ozark Christian College. She is pursuing nursing and bi-vocational degrees. Jack is from St. Louis, MO and is a student at Washington University in St. Louis. He is pursuing a degree in political science and was recently accepted into Washington University’s School of Law. Both of the scholarship recipients were registered riders in the 2015 Tour de Donut. Again, congratulations to Sarah and Jack!

13 February 2016 -- It is Valentine's Day tomorrow. I can't think of a better Valentine's gift than a registration to the 28th annual Tour De Donut! That's right! Registration is open (well, almost) for this year's race. We had a truly epic 2015 tour with Yasir Salem, a food eating champion, coming and tearing right through those donuts! He ate 50 donuts and set a new bar. Doesn't he just look awesome?

I hope you are enjoying the Winter and taking advantage of the nice days. I am trying to get into shape using P90X and my spinning bike in the basement. I just got back from the Bike Surgeon, one of our sponsors, and picked up a new bike! I am pretty excited about it. Anyway, I'll see you out there!

Finally, this is all possible thanks to the hard work of the Boeing Employee Bicycle Club (BEBC) and its awesome volunteers around the Staunton area. The BEBC is called the Phantom Riders. Check out our AWESOME new logo made by Cori Steiner. She's talented -- hire her.

27 June 2015 -- We have over 670 registered. I have been riding a lot this week and seeing many of you out on the Madison County Trails! Gabe and Cara Dexheimer came to the conclusion that our route was not going to work, and I agreed. We have modified the route. The first 7 miles and the last 10 miles are the same. The in-between is a little different! We had a great check ride today and confirmed that most of the roads are good. We are going to work with the area to make a few repairs, but I am much happier about this route! It was a great ride today. I hope we have weather like this in two weeks! Keep training, be careful and Vive le Donut!

20 June 2015 -- I fixed the scholarship application link. You can download a scholarship application here. It is nice to see everyone on the roads lately with your Tour de Donut t-shirts! Thanks for wearing them and advertising our brand and helping to expand our family. We have almost 600 registered, and we are on pace for a good total. We are still working some road issues. We will do our best! In the mean time, I am training hard by eating cake and riding hard!

05 May 2015 -- Happy Cinco de Mayo! We have 148 riders signed up so far! Very nice, I wanted to post that we will be having a scholarship again this year. The Roger Kramer Memorial scholarship lives on in the memory of one of the founders of the Tour de Donut and a friend to cycling in the area. The Tour De Donut Scholarship is designed to provide monetary support to high school and college age students committed to a college or vocational education. The scholarships are a one-time contribution paid directly to the educational institution of enrollment. The scholarships are in $250 and $500 increments per academic year and will be paid in August at the beginning of the academic term. The scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors or currently enrolled college students. Each year the Tour De Donut Committee will decide the number of scholarships that will be awarded. The committee’s decision will be based upon available funds in the Scholarship Reserve Account. A personal interview with each of the top finalists may be conducted as part of the selection process. Qualifications for Awards -- Application for scholarship must be submitted by the student him/herself to the Tour De Donut Scholarship Committee on or before the application due date of August 1, 2015. Applicant must be a graduating high school senior or a full time student attending college or vocational school within the upcoming school year. (Typically this is September through the following May.) Applicant must be a registered competitor or registered volunteer of the Tour De Donut being held July 11, 2015. The scholarship requires a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent for each year. A greater emphasis of awards will be towards applicants local to the bi-state area, academic aptitude, and a demonstrated enthusiasm for bicycling or bicycling activities. You can download a scholarship application here. Happy cycling to you!

05 July 2014 -- Happy First Day of the Tour De France! That was quite a spill that Mark Cavandish took at the end. Let's try to avoid that kind of finish in our race, which is only a week away! People have been wondering why I haven't been posting on the site. My apologies. It's easier to post on the I survived the Tour De Donut Facebook group. So I have been doing that more often. Anyway, things are tracking along quite well. We have over 900 registered thus far. There are plenty of shirts still available. I went with a tech shirt, so I hope you like it. I think it's the best one yet. I have done the 2014 Tour De Donut Route twice in the last week. Most of the course is good. The west side of Airport Road and the first couple miles on Washer Road need some work, so I am begging the county to make some last minute repairs! The first downhill on Washer is hazardous in a peleton as it is. Despite the stolen trailer, we are bouncing back better than ever. I have been replacing the stolen items and will be ready to go. I'm really excited. I'll be camping out Friday night. The City of Staunton has SHOWERS for us to use too. Be sure to stick around for the BBQ. See you there.

08 February 2014 -- We have had a pretty cold winter, but that has not stopped some of you from getting out there. I see this one friend down the street going 50+ milers in 20-30 degree weather. He's a pretty tough dude! I hope you have had some time to ride! Anyway, we have had a few minor issues lately. First, I noticed that someone STOLE the Tour De Donut enclosed trailer in mid-January! Then our old web site domain name expired, and someone bought it out from under us. No worries. We now have tourdedonut.org, which I think is better. These setbacks are a part of life, and the race will go on. Registration will be open soon! Keep an eye our for the TDD trailer! It was last seen stuck Southbound on I-255 near Horseshoe Lake Road.

29 June 2013 -- Vive Le Donut! Well, Lance Armstrong has been banned from the Tour De France, but he is still eligible for the Tour De Donut (too soon for the humor?)! With two weeks to go, we have 791 riders signed up for this year's race. This is down slightly from last year but generally on par for about 1,400 to 1500 riders. Let's hope so, or I will have plenty of extra donuts, t-shirts, and a special surprise in honor of the 25th annual Tour de Donut!

The cities are all geared up just like last year. There will be SHOWERS available for the riders! How cool is that!

Today, I had the pleasure of riding the TDD Check Ride with Chris Rolves from Lebanon, IL to preview the course. We had a good ride, with my pal Don Foley providing SAG support. Overall, the course is in very good shape, even better than last year. There are some potholes that I'm going to ask about fixing on Old Rt 66 into and out of Mount Olive as well as a doozy on Washer Road as you're barreling down a hill that should be addressed. The gravel is much better than last year. Let's hope it stays that way! Our friends at Eagarville installed WATER at the park! I am so thrilled about that. That will make our lives a little easier.

The course is the same as last year: 2013 Tour De Donut Route. It is 34 miles long. The distance is wrong on this map. I have been working with my friends on the Facebook page: I survived the Tour De Donut to get inputs on route changes, and several ideas came forward. In the end, I thought that none of them was better than what we have. I also discovered that most of the riders liked the new course, so we will try it again. The course can be challenging for a new person, especially the second half, so be ready. On the other hand, Chris and I literally flew up the hills today thanks to an unusual tail wind, although we paid dearly into the wind on Route 66, usually my favorite part of the course with the prevailing winds.

I am so glad that we will be offering the first ever Roger Kramer Memorial Scholarship this year. Roger was one of the founding fathers of the Tour de Donut as well as an influential cycling advocate in the area. We will miss him, and we want to honor his memory. Look for the Scholarship Application here. In order to qualify, you have to participate in the race as a rider or a volunteer. To volunteer, check out the volunteer page on the web site.

I will be posting more news as we get closer to the day of the race so stand by!

27 May 2013 -- Happy Memorial Day! Today we honor veterans who sacrificed so much for our great country. Thank you for your service! If you did serve, come find me at the start and I will thank you personally.

We have 279 riders signed up thus far for this year's event, which is going to be pretty special. Now in our 25TH YEAR, the Tour De Donut is going strong. I am looking forward to scouting the route this weekend with a few friends. Our offical check ride will be June 29th if you'd like to come ride with me. Let me know.

I am so glad that we will be offering the first ever Roger Kramer Memorial Scholarship this year. Roger was one of the founding fathers of the Tour de Donut as well as an influential cycling advocate in the area. We will miss him, and we want to honor his memory. I will be posting the scholarship application in a week or two. In order to qualify, you have to participate in the race as a rider or a volunteer.

Things are shaping up pretty well for the Tour. So far, we have done a fair amount of the legwork to have a great tour, and there will be a few hopefully pleasant surprises. We have an AWESOME shirt design and jersey thanks again to our friends at the Switch and Dogfish. If you are interested in ordering jerseys early, stay tuned.

Sorry that I have not posted more often this Spring! I have been pretty swamped, but I have been riding quite a bit, as I hope you have been too. We have less than two months now to get into Tour De Donut form. So enjoy this great weather, eat a few donuts, and get ready!

20 Mar 2013 -- Hello Tour de Donut fans! I opened registration for the 25th annual race a couple of days ago. It did not take long for us to have 57 registered rider! Awesome! We plan to have a few special items this year. One will be the Roger Kramer memorial scholarship for qualified Tour De Donut riders going to school who meet the qualifications, which are yet to be determined. Roger was one of the founding fathers of the Tour de Donut, and we want to honor his memory. There is much to do! Time to get to work! Happy Spring.

17 Aug 2012 -- Well, the dust has officially settled on the 2012 Tour De Donut, and I am finally getting back into the swing of things. We had an epic event. What can I say? You guys were amazing as usual. I had a wonderful time, and I hope you did too. Things came together nicely. While there were a lot of complaints about the course before the ride, the vast majority told me that they really liked it. I am supremely relieved and grateful. We had a few hiccups, like that patch of gravel on Airport Road. That was a nice surprise. We almost lost a boy too. We spent about an hour looking for him. Thankfully, he missed the last turn and was found downtown by the Rib Fest. My pal Kay crashed at mile three, right where I thought it might be dangerous down the hill. We may have to make a slight route adjustment next year for safety reasons.

The people of Staunton were amazing, gracious hosts. We owe so much to Cara Dexheimer and John Caldierro. Thanks also to the hundreds of volunteers that came out from Staunton, Mount Olive and Eagarville! People were telling me that it was so inspiring to see spectators with the cow bells lining the streets in all three cities. We raised a lot of money for cycling-related charities in the region.

Thanks also for the feedback. I have heard from so many of you about ideas for next year. I will look at them soon. The Boeing Employee Bicycling Club will get together soon to review our lessons learned as we prepare for the big 25 -- our 25th year. It is going to be special. You will not want to miss it! Drop me a line sometime and let's go riding!

01 Jul 2012 -- Vive Le Tour! Vive Le Donut! We have 937 riders registered so far, which is below last year's record numbers. I hope you got a chance to watch the Tour de France the past two days. Those guys were going really, really fast up the Category 4 climb finish.

Speaking of fast rides, I had the pleasure of riding the check ride yesterday with (from left to right in the picture) Don Foley -- SAG, Don Herberts, Derek O'Chiu, Leon O'Chiu, and Connie. It went pretty well for me for the first 20 miles, then the course, as usual, kicked my butt. It is a challenging course. We got off to a nice start all the way to the first donut stop in Mt Olive. The first stop is a little off the road, and we hit some gravel pulling into the donut stop. After a short break and waiting for our SAG, we hit the fast section of Route 66, and I mean fast. Derek was pulling us at 23mph and feeling no pain. While I loved it, I paid for it later. We hit Washer Road, and Derek and I climbed the hills. That dude is strong. We pulled into the second donut stop, and I had to keep going in order to meet Craig and Brenda Boyd to talk about the sound system. Our sound will be much better!

We ride the check ride to find issues. Well, we found a little one -- I had a couple of errors in the map I gave the guys! Oops...sorry guys. Poor Connie missed the turn at Henderson Rd and went all the way to Gillepsie. The other guys missed another turn. Anyway, we'll have people out there for you on race day.

Your safety is a big deal to me. I take all of your advice seriously and want to make sure that we have a safe and enjoyable ride for everyone. My max speed on the course was 37 mph, probably on Reservoir Rd. If I am doing 37 mph, then who knows how fast you will be! So, BE CAREFUL, and watch out for the next guy, ok? I ran out of water at about mile 26 despite having killed three water bottles. We will have plenty of water, but please do me a favor and bring a water bottle or two. Hydrate! This course is slightly longer and hilly than last year. We hit a lot of light gravel that the county has been laying as a result of the opressive heat this week. We'll do our best to clear it, especially in the turns. The city has already made some improvements. Finally, remember that we share the road. We need to be good stewards and yield for emergency vehicles.

Dogfish USA is making our T-shirts and offering Tour De Donut jerseys!

I am getting excited, nervous and pumped up! Hope to write one more blog entry before the race.

03 Jun 2012 -- Hello my friends! Things are starting to come together, and I am getting pumped up! We have 410 riders registered so far, still above last year's record numbers. Preparations are in full swing. We have our sponsors lined up. The Switch has officially become our shirt designers, and I LOVE their work. Next year, our 25th, will be epic.

Once again, we partnered with Dogfish USA to offer Tour De Donut jerseys! If we get enough interest before June 15th, we will have them for the Tour! I already placed my order!

Speaking of June 15, That is the last day to get the Early Bird registration price.

What else...did I tell you that we have a GREAT group of volunteers in Staunton? Cara Dexheimer, John Caldieraro and the entire team are working in overdrive to make sure you have a great time. We could not do this without our great core of volunteers.

Everything seems to be going well, although I am thinking about two things. First, I think about safety of the riders. We will do our best to ensure that we have a safe ride. A couple of the roads are narrow, and we need to be extra careful there. Second, I love, love, love that Robin Ronghey gets to take on some new hills. I put them in just for her (You can thank her later -- ha ha)! Seriously, they kicked my butt yesterday, so get training or you will be begging for more donuts in Eagarville.

I decided to take a ride on the new course to check it out on Saturday. Tires charged to 100 lbs. Check out this goofy looking guy! So off I go cruising about 16-18 mph through town, and onto fabulous Route 66. I am feeling good with a great west wind aid. At mile 16, POP goes the back tire on Airport Trail. I cannot be farther from Staunton. Good news -- I carry a spare and a pump. I changed the tire and even had the nicest folks offer to let me use their air compressor nearby. I love small towns. Anyway, I am off but slowed by the wind. Six miles later, up and down the hills on Washer -- another leaker. Dang -- no more spares. So I fill it up and it gets me another two miles. And I do it again, and again, and again, until... Yup -- broken valve stem! Double crapola. Time to hoof it. I did see this on the way back which I thought was cool. The police car that we helped the city buy!

Thanks for all of your questions. I get several each week. I will do my best to answer them in short order. We may even have inspired another Tour De Donut knock-off in California...who knows! Offical check ride will be June 30th at 9am if you want to join me.

19 May 2012 -- Hello Tour de Donut family! We are gearing up for this year's tour. We have 320 riders registered so far, which is slightly above last year's record numbers. I am getting excited and hungry!

The big news is that we are changing the route! After several years of complaints from our Worden and Prairietown neighbor friends, we decided to give them and Madison County a break this year. That means that we will be heading North! The towns of Mt. Olive and Eagarville will be our donut stops, and we have spoken with both towns who are very excited to have us! For the first time that I know, we will be getting our kicks and downing donuts on Route 66! How cool is that!

Don Foley and I rode the course a couple of weeks ago. He was impressive in the over 70 category! If you think life ends at 70, guess again! I plan to ride it at least two more times before the tour. If you'd like to join me, I will be doing the check ride on Jun 30th starting around 9am at the normal start. Let me know!

About the course: It is slightly longer (34 miles), more technical, and more hilly than the past course. While I LOVE it, I always worry about safety, and we will work hard to make sure enough people are out there keeping an eye on the country roads. We spoke with some of the neighbors out there, and they are also excited to have us but also warned us to be careful on the hills.So we will give this a try.

Here is the 2012 Tour De Donut Route. It is 34 miles long. The distance is wrong on the map. Get training!

07 April 2012 -- Well friends, preparations for the 2012 Tour De Donut are in full swing. We have 167 registered so far, Sorry to those who had to tolerate a couple of bad links on the race information page that pointed to last year's registration page. I think I found the two culprits and have repaired them. My buddy Andrew asked what kind of rule changes we will make as a result of some lessons from last year. After consulting with the committee, we came up with a couple of new policies that we hope will be fair and acceptable to the Tour de Donut Family.

1. For the power eaters, if you throw up/vomit/hurl/puke/upchuck/toss cookies at a donut stop, the race officials will ask you to continue onto the next station of the race. You are also on the honor system here, as we will not have the vomit police there. After all, this is all for a good time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

2. The Madison County Police Department called me looking for reasons for us not to be on the roads. Of course, we have equal rights to them. It seems that some of our Prairietown neighbor friends do not like being inconvenienced for three hours of the year. I guess I can understand...not everyone is a cycling enthusiast, even though we all do our best to make this a safe and fun ride for everyone. We donate considerable money back into the Staunton, Prairietown and Worden areas as our way of saying thanks. So I am open to more suggestions as to what to do. I've got a few ideas.

3. The St. Louis area donut shops have been trading on the Original Tour de Donut race for a ride they call the Tour D'onut. It's kind of clever. While they say they are not affiliated with us (true), I appreciate that they are creating name recognition for us. We raise a lot of money for the area thanks to folks like you.

Keep training. The weather has been GREAT! Vive le Donut!

10 March 2012 -- Welcome friends to the 2012 Tour De Donut. It's time to open registration and gear up. More to come, but I am really excited about another year!

Interested in a Tour De Donut cycling jersey?

09 July 2011 Results of the 2011 Illinois Tour De Donut are posted. What a race! Our final tally was over 1,650 when you include all of the tandem riders. You guys were awesome. We broke so many records. Most donuts eaten, highest attendance, etc. Enough from me for now. I'd like to hear your comments. We had a couple of hiccups that I need to make right, but overall, I am very pleased. Drop me a line with your pictures or Tour De Donut stories!

Interested in a Tour De Donut cycling jersey?

07 Jul 2011: Only two days left until the 2011 Tour De Donut! I am blown away at your dedication and resolve. With only 12 hours left for registration, we just surpassed 1,500 riders! Registration is still available until FRIDAY July 8th at noon. There is no race day registration. I still have t-shirts available. The trailer is loaded, my truck is jammed full of stuff and I got out for a nice 20 miler today, and it feels great. Don will be bringing the donuts on Sat morning, so he is very important to us! People are asking all kinds of great questions. I am trying to get to them all, although it's tough. I would advise to arrive early to register. Parking might get tough.The whole city of Staunton is coming out. There will be two start lines. The regular start and a voluntary recreational start about 1/2 way back. We may call an audible and return to Main St. due to some last minute construction along the route.

Interested in a Tour De Donut cycling jersey? We've partnered with Dogfish to create it. I already ordered two! This will be my last blog until after the Tour. I am going to camp out on Friday night and get things set up. It's been an honor. See you soon.

02 Jul 2011: Seven days until the 2011 Tour De Donut! So far, we have 1,259 riders signed up to go! Registration is still available until FRIDAY July 8th at noon. There is no race day registration. There are plenty of t-shirts still available. Those are my most frequently asked questions. We are working on all of the last minute details of the race, and I am glad to see hundreds of you out on the Madison County trails this morning training for the tour! I rode with one guy who was training for an ironman. He planned to ride up to Staunton from his home in Edwardsville, ride the tour, and then ride home. How's that for dedication! You may have heard me on KMOX with Mark Reardon yesterday. He is coming strong so you better be ready to race! We met with Jake from FleetFeet timing this week, and they are ready to go with our chip timing. The chips are on the race bibs, not in the helmets like we thought. Turn in your race bib tear-offs to get donut credit and turn in your timing chip. One week to go! See you soon...

28 Jun 2011: 11 days and Counting until the 2011 Tour De Donut! So far, we have 1,188 riders signed up to go! I think we are going to break the record by far! We are way ahead of last year's registration. Do not wait until the last minute because there is no day of race registration! The Phantom Riders and some friends did the check ride on Sat 25 Jun, and I am pleased to report that all of the trouble spots on the course with which I was most concerned are now resolved. We got a little wet, and I got a flat tire with only three miles to go. Thankfully, you will have SAG Wagon support! I just brought along a spare. Great job to Ed who led the way most of the ride and carried the rest of us. Here are some of the check riders...Darryl, Jeff, Marvin, and Ed.

For those of you wanting an advanced copy of the race course, here it is: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/37113350

20 Jun 2011: I hope that you are getting hungry, because the Tour De Donut is getting very close! I just ordered 500 dozen donuts. You should have seen the look on her face. Priceless...and I paid in cash. Thank you for your calls and e-mails. I am doing my best to answer all of them, and I have to tell you that it is pretty busy right now. So please bear with me as I do my best. We have 1,060 riders signed up so far, which is about 200 riders ahead of last year's pace. If this keeps up we may have 1,500 riders, which would be a new Tour De Donut record by far. If we can get Main St finished in time, I may change the route back to our original, but for now we are working around the construction on Main St. Things are coming together. The Boeing Employee Bicycle Club is excited to be serving you! Feel free to join me on the check ride this Saturday Jun 25 at 9am at the starting line. I hear my boss and my boss' boss might even come! If you tell me you are coming, I might even bring some sample donuts. We have one hiccup on the course route where the new bridge on Possom Hill Road is not paved around the bridge, and we are working with the cities to fix it in time. Otherwise -- plan B. I am also working on a new sound system that should do the job called the half mile hailer. Sounds intimidating, doesn't it? We'll see if we can pull it off. By the way, the proceeds of the race go to local charities. I have a list of previous ones in a blog down below if you are interested. Happy training!

10 Jun 2011: We have been working hard the last few weeks getting things going for the Tour De Donut. I hope you are getting excited. I have been having wonderful discussions with Andrew Mullins and his team getting a new design for the T-Shirts. I think that you are going to really like it! Thanks to Andrew for taking the initiative to make the Tour De Donut a signature event. Things that are coming together: registration (580 people so far), t-shirts, donuts, volunteers, sponsor support, race route (again with a slight detour), course maps, prizes, and awards. Things that need more attention: chip timing, the sound system, my race day jitters (since I want you to have a great event), emergency phones, and more. I get a few questions about donut quality -- they will be fresh and ready. I hope that you have been training. I ride the course two weeks before the event if you'd like to join me (prob around 9am) to make sure everything is a go and to identify any rough spots. Please be nice to the locals, as while most enjoy hosting us, there are a few who don't so much. So please respect the rules of the road. It is really fun to hear your Tour De Donut stories. Keep them coming! Also, I'd love to see your pictures and videos use them for next year.

23 Apr 2011: Well, it's been a busy month in my personal life so I have not been posting too many blog entries. I have met with the Cyclery and the Bike SurgeOn and they are ready to go for our SAG wagon! We have 226 riders signed up thus far. Our prizes are set up. Things are moving along. Some people have suggested that we redesign the shirt, which we might do if we get a good design very soon. I am enjoying the interaction with everyone. I have learned that in order to win the Tour De Donut, you have to have a team. It's not enough to eat the donuts. You have to have your domestiques! How cool is it to ride for someone else -- very selfless. I'm still working on zeroing in on the donuts. I have multiple leads! Happy riding!

19 Mar 2011: So far, we have 139 riders registered! I met with Cara Dexheimer today and went over some initial details about this year's race. It looks like we may be dealing with a detour on Main Street due to construction. I found an alternative but it actually has cobblestones on it! Even though this is a spoof of the Tour de France, and they get the blessing of riding on the cobbles, I think I'll spare you. We will find another way. I also met with John Caldieraro from Sullivan Drugstore and Bill Miller from Bill's IGA. Both are great advocates for the race and have been wonderful. Bill is going to help us find a new source for the donuts. Last years donuts seemed ok to me, but we had too many complaints about the taste. So, where do you go to find 400 dozen quality donuts you ask? Good question...have no fear! We will find them.

26 Feb 2011: Several of you were wondering what we do with the proceeds from the race. Generally, we donate to bicycling-related charities or Staunton-area organizations, many of whom support the race. If you have ideas in these categories, please let me know! Here is a list of organizations you helped support through your participation in the Tour De Donut:

League of American Bicyclists
Madison County Transit
Prairietown Volunteer Fire Dept
SSM Rehab Foundation
Staunton Police Association
Trailnet Inc.
Boeing Employees Rifle and Pistol Club (They host the first donut stop)
American Legion Post 564 (They host the second donut stop)
Staunton Area Ambulance Services
Staunton Girl Scout Troop to build the Staunton Pavilion

20 Feb 2011: We have 25 people registered already! How awesome! What a wonderful response from many of you about the upcoming race. I feel like I am part of an extended family of riders. I am getting several great suggestions to add categories, add a team award, and other ideas to make your racing experience better. I love the team award idea, as it closely mirrors the Tour De France! For those that require coordination, I will take these ideas back to the Tour De Donut committee for consideration. I am still working on completing the web site and plan to be done in a week or so. I'd better start training...

19 Feb: 2011: Tour De Donut Registration officially begins! I opened up the new web site and added a new graphic. The web site is still in work!



Welcome! Please e-mail the race director if you want to contact me.